We’re Shutting Down

After diligent review and exhausting our resources, the decision has been made to shut the brand down. As a brand I feel that we have trialed many different outlets, succeeding with some and failing with others. Like every brand/company there is different avenues to try and risks to pursue because without them, a brand can’t really be defined. Look at any million or billion-dollar brand in or outside of the fishing industry who has tried so many things, many of which you didn’t know about or most likely forgot because they failed. Failure isn’t bad, although perceived otherwise as it gives a brand an opportunity to collect data, understand their user/customer base, indulge in markets they may not have been foreseen to enter and ultimately break barriers and for myself, that’s what ReelHooked is about: Making sh*t happen, that hasn’t happened before. We want to be a staple in the industry that changed/changes the way of consumers and businesses. Many of you that have been around since the beginning know we have tried a variety of different things.


To cut the crap before I dive further into things, the good news is we aren’t actually shutting down…I’m just taking the services out of commission for 3-4 weeks because I am having some developers make changes to the site as we venture on our new journey and basically take a step back.


When the brand went on hiatus back in early 2017 we lost a lot of traction, for obvious and understandable reasons. Trying to get the momentum back has been a never-ending mountain climb but one that I’m willing to hike at all costs. Whilst making the return with a lot of changes that you don’t see, as far as operations go, we tried different things to target different consumers in our industry and essentially find an avenue for profit to rebuild the infrastructure and continue developing what we initially wanted to have since day 1. As I said, some of it worked, some of it didn’t and that doesn’t make me believe any less in the brand but the time we were able to spend figuring these things out gave us a perspective of who are users are, what they like, what we stand for and represent and we just really felt that we stepped too far from our roots.


We’ll be closing down on March 15th and “relaunching” if you want to call it that in early to mid-April. We aren’t making too many drastic front-end changes, some changes you will certainly be able to visibly see but a lot of it is structure based and the mechanics of how our database will run but realistically to put it in bland terms, we’re going back to where we started and how things were when ReelHooked first launched in late 2016 (just a little more enhanced).


There’s going to be more update articles over the next 2 months, and in indefinite amount of articles over the rest of the year with future updates, past/current/future changes to different programs and so much more. But here is a quick list of a lot of the changes (I may release another article before I close things down indicting some more changes OR, I will wait until the return to post them):

  • Emphasizing the “facebook for people that fish” in the brand. Meaning we really want to push on our user-base and creating a social platform for people that fish all over the world to connect in many different ways.
  • Working on our forums. Despite forums being outdated, we want to turn it into a discussion board…somewhere you can post a question and actually get a response to.
  • An app is in development, hoping to release by the end of 2018.
  • Partnering with fishing brands to promote their products, offer discounts and provide some great give aways.
  • Changes to hooks, amounts will be changing as to what you are rewarded for performing certain actions but now you will just be able to cash out for actual money or gift cards to fishing brands.
  • Changes to badges, modifying current ones and creating new ones while discovering ways to showcase them better and work on the system behind our badges.
  • Affiliate program will be created, progressive sponsorships will most likely transition into this (details after we relaunch) with traditional sponsorships becoming available to more users.
  • Hiring people to create articles for us, if you’re interested that’s great! You can create 1 or 100. Articles will be on a freelance contract (you write as you please) and we pay you accordingly…more details available on this after relaunch as well.
  • More damn articles. I personally feel 1 a day isn’t enough, hence why we will be hiring writers and anyone whom wants to contribute to knock out 2, 3, 4, 5 or more a day. Articles won’t just be about tips anymore, it will be how-to’s, product reviews, brand promotions, event coverage, viral content.
  • POD will continue on the website and we are also looking for a way to highlight our top users on the main page.
  • There will basically be no products to purchase from us anymore HOWEVER, we will be doing some exclusive launches in which we will notify users about a product we’ll be dropping (ReelHooked branded) a few weeks in advance. The product will either have a limited inventory, or it will be available for a limited time (no more than 2 weeks) and once that product is gone, it’s forever gone and not coming back. We want users to have an exclusive attachment to our brand so if there’s a certain tee, or hat or whatever we launch it will be a part of our history that you were exclusive to and the amount of them is limited. We won’t be “pushing” these products like it’s a do-or-die business plan, it will just be more of “hey, new sweater launching in 2 weeks” and on the date will be the product and after 2 weeks max for example, it will be gone and we continue with operations as usual. One big thing that we’re going to do with these exclusive launches is 50% MINIMUM of profits will be reinvested into the infrastructure of ReelHooked. Which means developing the app faster, making a better user experience with better profiles, more features, fixing bugs, hiring people, more traditional sponsorships, etc.
  • There’s a lot of features we currently want to enhance or fix bugs and new ones we want to add that I haven’t stated as some are still being worked out and I can’t share ALL the details for.


So that’s it, for now. The next time we “chat” persay (ie; commenting on an article) will be in spring when hopefully our lines are getting wet! ALL of social media is going to continue with providing content though. The only thing that won’t be available is the website, but otherwise everything else will still presume.


  1. Fish and Learn

    I had a feeling something like this was coming. I hope it all works out in the best possible way for you guys! I’ve been here since the beginning and I’m not going anywhere. See you in the spring!

    1. Adam Post author

      No sadness here Nick! We’re just shutting down to organize better operations and change a few things on the site and engage our user-base more. We’re really trying to defy that “Facebook for fishing” social network in the industry! See you soon.