The 9 Different Stages Of Catching Your First Fish

Whether you were a toddler, teenager, or adult, we all started at some point, even the professionals. That first day out on the water takes us through a lot of different feelings, the high’s and low’s that made us fall in love with the activity and keep us coming back every time. These might be the 9 stages for catching your first fish, but lets all be honest with ourselves, some of these (if not all) are STILL the stages.

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Figuring Out What Lure to Use

where to cast



Your First Cast

here we go

Wondering If There Are Even Fish In This Pond/Lake

where are they


first bite

Realizing That Same First Bite Was Just A Snag…

snagged line

Getting the REAL bite.

a real bite

Finally Reeling The Fish In!

this is the best

Releasing That First Fish

never forget you

Becoming Addicted, Like The Rest Of Us – Ready To Catch Another

that was awesome


Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Ryan Martin

    My dad put a fishing pole in my hands at the age of 2 here I am 23 still doing what I love today the recent loss of him has made me want to do it that much more and maybe take it that step forward ! This is a great read, thank you ! ???????????? tight lines !

      1. Milo French

        @adam He’s 11 and pretty regularly goes fishing with me. Same one that blew up that spool of red label I put the picture of on twitter… took him wading for the first time a few weeks ago and he fell twice. Luckily didn’t flood the waders but I’m waiting for that day ha!