"Technically crafted, innovative fishing gear, made for the outdoors." — established in 2015.

The Origins:

Originally, an online social platform dedicated to a community of more than 3000 anglers circa-2015, with a primary goal to be the outlet for learning, sharing knowledge, and uploading as many fishing photos as you'd like.

Lacking a true vision of the brand, minimal resources, followed by endless trial-and-error, my love for the sport started to deteriorate. What was once my favourite hobby and passion, became a chore.

After years of countless hours, on behalf of myself and the members of ReelHooked, I consciously decided to discontinue the platform.

I hung onto the name in hopes of one day returning. Not sure how, or when, but hopeful.

In early 2020, I'd consistently anticipate ideas of amplifying current fishing products in a unique, technical way. I didn't want to reinvent the wheel, just make it a little better.

I needed my hand in every step of the process though...

From the concept in my head, to a scribble on a piece of paper, transforming that into a readable design, sampling the materials, then producing them to my brothers on the water.

My inspiration is everywhere, but these products have to remain true to myself. It'll be an indefinite process of progression, a forever-chase to perfection.

I hope you enjoy the products of my creation, as much as I did creating them.

Tight lines.

- Just a guy that loves the chase. Fishing or the perfect product.