8 Homemade Fishing Tools That You Need

Anglers tend to be some of the most creative and forward-thinking individuals on earth. Now, ask them to do the dishes and it’s a week long process but out on the water it’s like we suddenly become rocket scientists that can jimmy-rig just about anything into something incredible useful. Take a look at these 8 home made fishing tools that can get the creative gears turning for you and maybe even use a few for yourself!


For a really convenient waxworm dispenser when ice fishing, keep them in a Tic Tac container. The case probably holds about 30 waxworms. It’s easy to open and shake one worm out at a time without having to take off my gloves.


Cut a long slit in one side of an empty plastic coffee can. Stick a roll of TP in the can and pull a bit of the paper through the slit. Make a hole in the lid and the bottom. Run string through the holes and hang the can out of reach of mice.


First, cut a strand of elastic that’s the width of the spool and long enough to stretch around it. Make a loop with the elastic by gluing each end along the sides of a plastic bead (available at any crafts store). Next, cut a piece of heat-shrink tubing a tad larger than the bead. Slide the tubing over the bead and shrink it with a blow-dryer. Finally, thread your line through the bead and cover the spool with the elastic. Now you can pull out line while keeping it wrapped tightly on the spool.


An empty Tic Tac box makes a great miniature tackle box for baitfishing. First, crazy-glue a small, circular-shaped box cutter (for cutting line) to the side of the con-tainer. Then fill it with hooks, snap-swivels, and weights. Carry it in your pocket, or your glove compartment.


If you have loose bobbers rolling around your tackle box, put them in an egg carton. They will not roll around and will stay in place with the cover latched.


An effective way to chum for catfish, trout, and other species is to sling globs of chum with one of those “chuckers” designed to throw tennis balls for dogs. Just load the cup with chum!


Letter-opener: the type that has the blade safely concealed.This makes a quick, clean cut in any type of line!


Use safety pins to keep the fishing hooks in your tackle box organized. Simply feed the point through the eye of the hooks. A lot of hooks fit on one pin, and it’s an easy way to keep the different kinds sorted.




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